The Hats of Nora Charles

Speaking of The Thin Man….we were, right?

I’ve always been attracted to Nora Charles’s hats. As near as I can tell, she had 15 different hats throughout the entire Thin Man series, with a few extra thrown in for promotional items like lobby cards and movie posters. They were all fabulous, um, in there own way. Nora (Myrna Loy) had a new hat or two for every one of the six movies. And some, like Shadow of the Thin Man, had five.

They were all a lesson in 20th century hat style:

The Thin Man, 1934

Nora (Myrna Loy), Nick (William Powell) and Dorothy Wynant (Maureen O’Sullivan)

Nora was so stylish in this plaid beret. It had a matching scarf AND skirt.

I’m not so crazy about what they did with the color of it for the lobby card however.

After Thin Man, 1936

Arriving home to San Francisco after that exhausting caper in The Thin Man!

For some reason, this one always reminded me of one of those terra cotta planters. But, she wears it well. Of course!

Another The Thin Man, 1939

Ready for a relaxing weekend in the country with a fantastic hat!

Left to right: Patric Knowles, Virginia Grey, C. Aubrey Smith, Tom Neal, Myrna Loy and William Powell.

The hat STILL plays well, even among all these movie stars.

Shadow of the Thin Man, 1941

The hat doesn’t help him get out of the speeding ticket, but it still looks good.

And, my all-time favorite Nora Charles hat: The Screwy Hat.

It’s the only time in The Thin Man series that a hat has it’s own part.

Three characters in this movie have a comment for this hat as Mrs. Charles wears it through the night. All of them used the word “screwy” to describe it and it’s hilarious.

Nora’s final straw with the “screwy hat”:

Security Guard at the arena at the end of a long night at the fights: “That’s quite a hat isn’t it Mrs. Charles? Where did you get a hat like that?” he says, laughing.

Nora: “Do you like it?”

Security Guard, still laughing: “You bet, screwy isn’t it?”

Nora: “You can have it,” she says as she throws it at him.”

I love the lobby card that shows it in blue!

Yep, Shadow of The Thin Man has the most….

…and best, hats.


Well, it’s more of a headband with a ribbon than a hat but I’m counting it. Only Nora could make this work. Obviously.

The Thin Man Goes Home, 1944

I know I said the “screwy hat” of Shadow of the Thin Man was my favorite, but this derby is a close second. There was at least one more hat Nora  wore in The Thin Man Goes Home, but I couldn’t find a good picture of it. If you have one, I’d love a copy for my collection!

Song of The Thin Man, 1947


Nora had quite the style didn’t she?

What’s your favorite?

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