6 Favorite Movies From The 60s

May 16th is National Classic Movie Day! I love any reason to celebrate classic movies, and this is a fun way to do it. Thank you to Rick at the Classsic Film & TV Cafe for hosting this, The 6 From The 60s blogathon. The guidelines for this blogathon are simple: list your six favorite films from the 1960s and explain why they deserve such an honor! This post is my entry. I love comedies and the common thread running through these movies is that they made and still do make me laugh every time I watch them.

You can see all the blogathon entries by clicking here. I’m looking forward to seeing the other movies that have the honor of being someone’s “favorite!”

It’s no surprise that Walter Matthau shows up in three of the movies here, and that Jack Lemmon is in two of them. Watching these two just makes me so happy.

1-The Odd Couple, 1968

Why is The Odd Couple one of my favorite movies from the 60s? The friendships. It’s displayed in every scene. I see it and feel it from every character and it’s pure comfort for me. I admit, anything with Walter Matthau is good for me. Especially The Odd Couple.  From the poker game scenes, to the date with the neighbors, to the scenes with just a frustrated Oscar (Walter Matthau) and frustrated Felix (Jack Lemmon). Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon play these characters in such a way that we care about them both. Even though Felix’s neurotic nature makes us nuts, we care about what happens to him.  Even though Oscar is sloppy, we admire him and the way he carries himself. I love this movie for the kindness I see when I watch it. It’s sometimes sarcastic and playful, a little bit serious and painful, but the underlying kindness is always evident to me, even when they’re mad at each other. Despite all of the things that can and do go wrong, they all still care about each other in the end. And it’s funny as hell.

2-Cactus Flower, 1969

Why is Cactus Flower one of my favorite movies from the 60s? It’s a meaningful story chock-full of a lot of reasons to laugh from likable characters. Julian Winston (Walter Matthau), is a dentist that lies about being married to avoid commitment to marriage with Toni (Goldie Hawn). Nurse Dickinson (Ingrid Bergman) is there, thankfully, to keep Julian organized and to eventually set everything straight. All three actors, Walter Matthau, Goldie Hawn and Ingrid Bergman play off each other like they’ve done it for years….and this is Goldie Hawn’s first movie! Cactus Flower is a lot of fun!

Did I mention Ingrid Bergman was in it? She does comedy so well. I did not expect this, but oh my, is she good at it. Ingrid Bergman steals the show for me. And it’s wonderful!

3-Bachelor in Paradise, 1961

Why is Bachelor in Paradise one of my favorite movies from the 60s? It’s a gorgeous glimpse into mid-century American culture embedded in an interesting story line. I wrote about this movie here a few weeks ago because it’s always had such a positive effect on me. Lana Turner is wonderful.

From my April 10, 2020 post:

Bachelor in Paradise is light-hearted, mid-century comedy that has the power to make me laugh out loud and forget about things for a couple of hours. It’s filled with glorious mid-century decor, fashion and lifestyle. This movie doesn’t pretend to be a deep, societal observation, but there is an important feminist message here, especially for 1961, I suspect, mostly delivered to us via Bob Hope’s peppy narrating as Niles. Lana Turner’s beautiful, independent intelligence as Rosemary, along with the intelligent, thoughtful women of the neighborhood, make this one of my all-time favorite movies.

And yeah, it’s funny!


Why is Charade one of my favorite movies from the 60’s? Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.

The end.

5-Some Like It Hot, 1959

Why is Some Like It Hot one of my favorite movies from the 60’s? It’s rhythm. It clips along at a good pace with a plot that keeps me engaged by always wondering what in the world could possibly happen next. It’s one of the best movie-watching experiences I can think of. Paying attention to the three main characters-Joe (Tony Curtis), Jerry (Jack Lemmon), and Sugar (Marilyn Monroe) is easy because they’re all sincerely likeable and engaging. They’re good people that I find myself rooting for every time I watch this. From the first scene where Joe and Jerry  witness the Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago in 1929 to that sweet ending, everything that happens moves along so….perfectly? I never find myself cringing, bored or rushing to get it over with. It feels like a brave movie too, and I like that it takes chances. This movie feels like it’s been thoroughly thought out and put together so well by the director (Billy Wilder) and writers (Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond) that actors that just melt into the story. It’s perfect. But then, that’s Billy Wilder for ya.

6-The Thrill of it All, 1963

Why is The Thrill of it All one of my favorite movies from the 60s? Because Doris Day plays a character, Beverly Boyer, that comes up against sexism and still makes her own decisions in the face of it. Despite the chaos it causes her within her family, she follows her heart. That takes guts now, let alone in the 1960s. Her husband, Dr. Gerald Boyer (Garner) is not happy about any of what she decides to do, and he makes it difficult for her. Still, I love that everything that happens here is ultimately Beverly’s decision and not her husband’s. Even in the end. Some have called this movie sexist, and there is an overall atmosphere of it, but she’s successfully navigating through it on her own terms. It isn’t always fun for her and every step she takes is a challenge, but she does it, and it’s inspiring. On top of that, The Thrill of It All is hilarious!

That pool scene…..

The chemistry between Doris Day and James Garner is addictive. I wish they’d done more movies together.

Thank you to Rick at Classic Film and TV Cafe for hosting 6 From The 60s!

What’s YOUR favorite movie from the 1960s?

13 thoughts on “6 Favorite Movies From The 60s

  1. Very enjoyable choices! The Thrill of It All is one of my favorite Doris Day comedies. Not only is it a good domestic comedy, but it also pokes fun at television and advertising. It’s a shame that she and James Garner only made two films together, because they’re a delightful pair (and I don’t consider it a sexist film). The same can be of Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in Charade. However, one of my favorite parts of it is the supporting cast of Walter Matthau, James Coburn, and George Kennedy!

    1. I love what you said about The Thrill of it All! I DO love that they’re poking fun at TV and advertising. I worked in advertising for a while, and that IS part of the fun of this movie.

      Thanks for meentioning that supporting cast in Charade 😉 Walter Matthau has got me. 😊

      Thank you for this fun blogathon Rick. This is so fun. I’m getting things done tonight so I can spend tomorrow reading the other entries 😉….I love this…

  2. Ahm so many fun memories. I included The Thrill of it All in my post, too (a hard choice between that and Move Over Darling). So many happy memories of these wonderful films. And thanks for adding Bob Hope in the mix. He gets a bit dissed these days, but he was such a part of the national movie and TV fabric in the 60s – and he’s a lot better than people today realize. Thanks for a fun post! Loved it.

    1. Thank you. I was gonna add Move Over Darling too, but Charade won in the end. 🙂 Though it was close! You’re right, Bob Hope is a lot better than people realize sometimes. I’m glad you stopped by and left a note, I appreciate that.

  3. I loved reading through this list of your favorites. I didn’t want it to end! Some Like it Hot is just the ultimate. So, so good on every level! I need to check out The Thrill of It All as I did enjoy Move Over, Darling. Wonderful post!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I think if you liked Move Over, Darling you’d probably like The Thrill of it all too. 😉 I’m so glad you stopped by!

  4. I adore The Thrill of It All, even though some aspects are a bit dated. However, you just have to go with it, or you’ll miss all the fun.

    So glad you included Charade. I was able to see it on the big screen several months ago, and it was utterly fabulous. It’s a shame Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn never made another film together. They have terrific chemistry.

  5. Did you notice that half of your choices have Walter Matthau in them? I have to say I do approve, as you can never have too much Walter Matthau! Not sure I can really see Matthau and Goldie Hawn as a couple though(!). Charade has been a deservedly popular choice in this blogathon.

    1. Oh I KNOW what you’re saying there, I didn’t understand the Matthau/Hawn conbo either, but I have to say it really works! That ending!

      I’m so happy you and I see the value of Walter Matthau!!! 😊 I’m just crazy about him!

      Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate that.

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